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-===== first things ===== 
-  * update to android 2.2, here provided by t-mobile as update 
-  * for my comparison/thoughts with the n900 [[hardwarerelated/nokia_n900|see here]] 
-===== applications ===== 
-Applications can be installed via android market, for already installed apps like google maps: look them up on android-market even if already installed. I.e. for maps newer versions just appear here. 
-  * **connectbot** as ssh-client, can handle public/private keypairs 
-  * **google maps** essentials 
-  * **google goggles** detect content of images 
-  * **kanji recognizer** good in recognizing kanjis, input by fingerstroke 
-  * **Compass** simple compass-application 
-  * **meboo** for instant messaging, jabber etc. 
-  * **AndFTP** for sftp up/downloads 
-  * **astro file manager** enables sorting pictures etc. in subdirectories and using the filemanager to access the files. Buildin viewers seem to not handle subdirs nicely. 
-  * **My Backup Pro / Titanium** for backing up local settings 
-  * **WiFi Manager** listing available wlan-networks 
-  * **google sky map** shows starnames 
-  * **^3** media player, aka "cube player", search for "abrantes" in market. allows useful browsing of albums 
-  * **barcode recognition/price searchers**: Barcoo App, Woabi App, GEPIR Lite 
-  * **maverick** navigation, also for cycling/walking, uses multiple maps 
-  * **c:geo** and **Columbus** geocaching applications 
-===== setup mailing ===== 
-  * configure secure imap on dedicated server: 
-apt-get install dovecot-imapd 
-vi /etc/dovecot 
-# protocols = imap 
-# disable_plaintext_auth = yes 
-# shutdown_clients = yes 
-# mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir 
-/etc/init.d/dovecot restart 
-===== several ===== 
-  * - rooting android phones 
-  * - forum 
-  * - custom desire roms 
-  * features the customized roms can maybe provide: nfs, usb-host-mode 
-===== todo ===== 
-  * try runtastic: gps/trackrecording etc. 
-===== problems/solutions ===== 
-== t-mobile/desire/android from time to time stop traffic over tcp-channels == 
-...but the tcp-channel itself stays awake. This is especially bad for ssh-sessions, i am used to have some ssh-sessions open to remote servers. Typical behaviour shown: the channel stays established, but no application-layer-data is sent any more. Since the tcp-channel stays alive ssh doesnt notice. Make it notice in setting 
-ServerAliveCountMax 1 
-ServerAliveInterval 15 
-in ~/.ssh/config for the connection. This lets the ssh-client at least in timely manner notice the connectionloss. 
-Now for reastablishing the remote-session on the ssh-server: first setup ssh-pubkey-authotization. I did, with ssh-agent, so once the ssh-key is added its available in all my xterms via ssh-agent. Then on the remote box run screen-sessions, i.e. using 'screen -S irssi' and run irssi inside there. From the client we can now run something like this and an aborted connection is reastablished transparently: 
-while :; do ssh -t user@remotehost screen -rd irssi; done 
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