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Why get a mac not?

Because its partly proprietary (one can not have a look at things down to the code, securityauditing etc.). Becuase we heard some stuff about how bugs are handled. Because of the bad reputation of apple for environment-stuff.

Why get a mac?

Because it looks interesting enough to have a closer look to me, digging since years mostly in linux, bsd and unix worlds. Could be something that one can advise to relatives and friends for that linux does just not fit. Because i want to have a look at the different ideas to handle stuff for the user, have a look at the ipv6-implementation, vmware fusion, parallels, the EFI-bios, linux@mac, xen@mac, zeroconf/bonjour, kerberos.

First thoughts on getting the macbook

  • Why can this thing not log onto my wireless lan? Had to switch WPA2 down to WPA for first connection. After updating WPA2 is usable.
  • Nice bright screen. The touchpad is less comfortable than the nipple from the thinkpad. At least enable that tapping the touchpad is taken as a click: go to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Trackpad and enable. And use two fingers on the touchpad to scroll.
  • Nice small powerconnector and supply. Nice thing, a picture is taken on accountcreation.
  • Whats the keykombination for pipe ? (alt+7) For backslash ? (shift+alt+7)
  • ichat and adiumx ( can connect to my jabber-server.. where are the knobs for settings and servicediscovery, for joining rooms? (At the top of the screen the menu is connected to the application currently having focus!)
  • Nice loud speaker, better than the one from the thinkpad t41 here.
  • Just plugged my casio camera in and iPhoto grokked all photos, nice.
  • Macos brings voice-recognizion stuff in.. not really usable but interesting to play with. And reading texts, but that already worked on my Amiga500 :)
  • Getting the infrared remote control to work. Anywhere its written to just 'pair' and 'enable it in security-app' under sytem-preferences. Pairing didnt work, seems like it has to be done right after start here. The ontrollable stuff rocks! Having pictures viewed, dvds, music..
  • screenshots Use apple-shift-3 (full screen) apple-shift-4 (part of the screen), shots are dropped on the Desktop


compiling software

Those ports-systems can compile programs from source including dependencies, bsd- or gentoolike. The first macosx-install dvd contains 'XcodeTools', install it bevore trying darwinports (tried to save space and started piece by piece: gcc (and symlinking), ar assembler, ncurses.. and just installed the whole thing.)

  • both do not support usb on mac yet, for qemu there is the Q-frontend
vmware fusion
  • ..supports usb passthorugh to the guest-os, even usb 2.0 .

Stuff to try out

  • parallels, xchat aqua, omnigraffle, bootcamp+debian

small rosetta stone

There are manpages for the commands…

function macosx 10.4.x linux
cronjobs at,cron,launchd.plist(5)at,cron
starterprocess launchd init
configure startlaunchctl,service vi /etc/inittab, /etc/rc* /etc/init.d/*
os-verion uname, sw_vers uname, /etc/issue, /etc/redhat-release etc.
hardwareinfo ioreg, system_profiler,sysctlhwinfo, dmidecode, dmesg
cd/dvd burning/servicedrutil, hdid, hdiutil cdrecord, wodim, eject
cpuinfo hostinfo, hwprefs cat /proc/cpuinfo /proc/*
waking/sleeping pmset acpid, cpufreqd
softwaremanagement softwareupdate, lsbom,installerapt-get, dpkg, rpm, yum, emerge
performanceanalysis vm_stat, fs_usage, top vmstat, top, free
syscallanalysis ktrace strace
inspect libs/bins otool, sample ldd, file
networkprofiles configd, scutil, scselect distrodependent
nsswitch config DirectoryService /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/ldap.conf …
nsswitch client dscl getent hosts, getent passwd
access kernelparams sysctl sysctl
partitionmanagement diskutil fdisk, mkfs, mdadm, mount
dns-cacher + access lookupd nscd, nslookup
documentconverting pstopdf, sips pstopdf, imagemagick
zeroconf mDNS avahi-discover
interface clipboard pbcopy, pbpaste
file with gui-app open <file>
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