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My notes on the Google/Asus nexus 7 2012 “grouper”, 16GB.

CPU: ARM Cortex-A9, 4x 1.20GHz (nVIDIA Tegra 3) • RAM: 1GB • 16GB Flash • Grafik: nVIDIA 12 GeForce ULP (IGP) • Display: 7“, 1280×800 • connectors: 1x USB 2.0 (Micro-USB) • Wireless: WLAN 802.11bgn, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS • Webcam: 1.2 Megapixel • OS: Android 4.1 • Akku: Li-Polymer, 4325mAh, 9.5h • wight: 0.34kg • size: 198.5x120x10.45mm • sensors: Kompass, Gyroskop, Lagesensor, Lichtsensor, NFC


Applications you should try out:

  • Airdroid: remote control of the Nexus7 using a webbrowser via wlan, allows also file uploads. Impressive.
  • SSHDroid: mount the Nexus 7 filesystems on your linux box
  • media player:
    • VLC/VideoLanClient: for playing media files
    • MX Player
  • AmigaUAE: great to Supercars2 or Turrican on this device
  • SIP applications:
    • CSipSimple: settled with this one
    • mizudroid: also usable DTMF
  • japanese specific:
    • google translate: recognizes spoken or drawn content
    • Kanji Recognizer: can work offline, recognize kanji if stroke order is correct
    • iknow: for japanese learning
    • wwwjdic: frontent application for kanji recognition
    • AEdict: kanji application using Jim Breen's EDICT data
  • offline map
    • City Maps 2 go (5 maps free)
    • ForeverMap 2 (0.79€ incl. 1 map)
    • Google Maps (japan not offline available)
    • here.maps
    • Maps(-)
    • Maps with me!
    • MapDroyd
    • Orux.Maps
    • OsmAnd

file access directly

Newer android devices are no longer usable as usb mass device on linux, those devices keep the storage mounted at all time for themself. My goals for file access:

  • should not require many changing commands (i.e. changing device names)
  • should offer all files/directories on the storage as a mountable filesystem
  • bonuspoints for:
    • beeing fast
    • beeing secure against eavesdropping
  • Valid solutions for me
    • ssh daemon (thanks Matěj Cepl for idea)
      • pro: easy, needs no rooting, encrypted connection
      • con: slower (I should tune the sync encryption options)
      • very nice, SSHDroid as sshd. Allows setup of ssh pubkeys and mounting via sshfs: 'sshfs -p 2222 root@ /mnt/nexus7/'
      • 1.8Mbyte/sec via wlan
    • FTP server
      • con: ftp was not build to be used like a filesystem
      • with ftpfs should present a filesystem
    • Samba server
      • pro: lower cpuload/better throughput than ssh
      • con: requires rooting of the Nexus 7
      • install application 'Samba Filesharing'
    • simple-mtpfs
      • pro: faster than ssh/wireless
      • con: needs the usb cable
      • On Fedora21: 'yum -y install simple-mtpfs; simple-mtpfs /mnt/nexus7'
  • The following ways did not provide me with a mountable & usable filesystem:


  • adb install <file.apk>
  • install twrp-3.2.1-0-grouper.img as boot manager
  • is a usable android 6 based rom (android7 based ones also exist)
  • is to big