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Japan has a fascinating culture. Learning the language is an interesting hobby. Technical gadgets all around. So many amazing things brought up:

restaurants in Munich with .jp affiliation

  • - nice japanese/korean food
  • Nomiya
  • Kushiage EN / Barerstr 65 / 80799 München / phone 089-27372641
  • “J-Bar”, Maistr. 28 80337 Munich, apart from the original beer nicely priced, karaoke
  • Theresienstr. 43
  • Mitani Rablstrasse 45, Munich Haidhausen - Bit expensive but nice quality and environment, good quality
  • Firedragon lounge
  • “Take Don”, Erzgiessereistrasse 32

shops in Munich

japanese 飲み会/regulars tables in Munich

  • - last friday of each month, usually includes a presentation on a topic from 哲先生
  • 1st Friday each month: regulars table, organized in Facebook and Meetup


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