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From listening the existing episodes, reminder of points to bring up with the バイリンガルニュース team.

  • TOR software: What makes it getting associated with “the dark net” so strong? In the first place, it is a means to provide anonymity for people in opressed countries, to share their opinion. A tool helping to surf anonymously etc. Then there is also the option to provide services anonymously. Yes, it is a tool and can also be used for the bad, like other tools. “One can not solve social issues with technology” is often quoted.
  • WW2: east german and german views on this. Differently from the japanese one.
  • “Have you met hackers”: ..should probably start with a definition of the word. Someone deeply investigating a topic, maybe. Using something for purposes it was not designed for. Using something for a purpose for the first time. People aiming at destroying things might rather be called “crackers”.
  • opensource, opendata, culture flatrate: topics not mentioned, but might be interesting for the audience
  • east germany: What was it like, what was different from now, what was better/worse?
  • What is it like to work in a company “selling free software”, having people participate in decisions? Experiencing cultural differences. Mixing company openess with “traditional Japanese business style”. Working in “virtual teams”, differences of 20 people all over Europe. “Around the clock”-feeling.
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