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Just a table/reminder of remarkable videos related to Japanese, which I find worth to be seen. Watching these with Japanese audio with English subtitles. That rating is ofcourse subjective..


title when first seen comments
タンポポ/Tampopo, 1985 2012 must have seen.
うなぎ/Unagi, 1997 2013 nice and quiet, good to understand Japanese
おくりびと/Okuribito/Departures, 2008 2013 great movie, good to understand Japanese
イノセンス/Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, 2004 2010 great movie, quite hard Japanese
秋刀魚の味/An Autumn Afternoon 2014
ゆれる Yureru/Sway, 2006 2014
天国と地獄/Tengoku to Jigoku, 1963 2014 fantastic detective movie
切腹/Seppuku/Harakiri, 1962 2014
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