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    • What is OpenSource?
    • Is OpenSource secure/safe? When children bring their own devices to school (BYOD), security is important.
    • I see why the internet is important for life, but why should it be used in school lessons? Where is this “you have to use it in lessons” rooted?
    • We teach skills “excel and microsoft office”, why is “internet knowledge” important?
    • I heard that using tablets in lessons lowers the ability to learn, there is a study. Apples CEO also does not give a smartphone to his children.
    • What is a “service”, and what is a “software”?
    • How can I find out which software or service I should use for my lessons?
    • Example: we use LINE for chats. How does it fare? Under which circumstances should I look for alternatives?
    • I'm worried that we rely on one service/software, and it becomes suddenly unusable. How bad is that? How can I prevent that?
    • Can you make recommendations of free (as in free beer) software which I can use for teaching?
    • I'm worried about apps/software leaking information, is that a problem at all? How fares “Google Classroom” in that regard?
    • Can you give us recommendations how we can use computer/the internet to enhance school essons?
    • For example, which tech do you use for doing this teaching session, Chris?
    • For example, which tech do you use for your own learning, Chris?
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