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interesting hardware

  • GB Boy color

playing retro games with a portable device

device pros/cons
Nintendo switchruns linux, has MMU, is fast. But needs a payload via USB after each boot.
GPi case runs linux, has MMU, but is quite slow, not good enough for SNES games?
Nintendo DS runs linux 2.6 kernels, but needs RAM expansion over default 4MB. Low specs.
Sony PSP Has no MMU, PSPlinux exists. PSP has low hardware specs thou.
Sony PS Vita As os 2019 active development, Vita has 512MB RAM
Rockpi4more free, 6 core, raspi4
ESPboy to weak for emulation
MiSTer FPGA emulation introduction, also Retronauts
Mega65 Aimed at being easy to understand
Steckschwein Aimed at being easy to understand
Gigatron Aimed at being easy to understand


East German Computers

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