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My notes from the upgrade to Fedora34.. which did not go as smooth as the last upgrades.

  • Pieces which worked nicely:
    • syncthing setup stayed working, mplayer and steam needed no further work
    • the Fedora34 rpmfusion repos were used automatically
    • ibus and Japanese input
  • xdm started into 1024×768: I run xdm as a habit, and conveniently run things via ~/.xsession file. Despite wayland running well on Thinkpads which I mainly use, I run xorg because that allows better screen sharing with Bluejeand/google meet. After upgrade to Fedora34, xdm dropped me into 1024×768 sessions, xrandr showing no higher resolutions. I installed kdm, and made /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service a symlink to /usr/lib/systemd/system/kdm.service, so run kdm now. Allows normal resolutions and internal/external monitor setup as usual.
  • pulseaudio was replaced with pipewire:
    • I had no sound after the upgrade, which replaces the pulseaudio packages with pipewire. For pipewire, the user is required to run services dbus and pipewire, as systemd user sessions. 'systemctl –user status dbus pipewire pipewire-pulse' shows if they are started. In my .config/systemd/user I had left over service unit files from past software, git-annex and other programs, which prevented also dbus from running. Cleaning up the directory, analyzing 'systemctl –user start dbus' and 'systemctl –user status dbus' output fixed things. I also had an issue of just firefox and google chrome not handling output to the bluetooth headset: all 3 of dbus, pipewire and pipewire-pulse need to run to fix this.
  • bluetooth audio: Automatically connecting my Sony MX1000-m2 did no longer work, installing package 'blueman', staring blueman-applet and then explicitly connecting the headset did work. The headset was still 'trusted' from the previous installation.
  • package update after reboot, not on running system: I did one 'dnf update' run, it installed the packages “offline” as part of a restart. Want to disable that, makes me feel like being dealed with like a child who will report an xorg problem because the running pieces were updated onthefly:
# disable automatic depo fetching, I prefer to do that manually
systemctl disable dnf-makecache.timer

# To my understanding disables the update-with-reboot behaviour
systemctl disable packagekit-offline-update.service
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