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My notes for file syncing. Wishlist:

  • should allow syncing of directories between linux systems and android
  • should be completely own hosted, no dependency on google drive etc.


  • unison
    • pro: long time around
    • pro: can work ontop of ssh
  • syncthing
    • pro: free
    • con: opens an own listener
    • con: does authentication and encryption by itself
  • FolderSync
    • approach: can sync via ssh/sftp to android
    • setup: straightforward. Instead of password-auth, keyauth can be used. When keypairs are generated using “ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096” then they are accepted. A passphrase should be used to protect the private key.
    • con: payware
    • pro: uncomplicated to setup
    • pro: works directly in both directions
  • android-rsync
    • approach: frontend for ssh/rsync binaries
    • setup:
      • had to extend sshd_config on server to “KexAlgorithms diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256,diffie-hellman-group1-sha1”
      • dsa private/pubkey get generated, pubkey gets used for authentication
      • configured /storage/sdcard0/sync as syncdir
      • looks like nice setup. For my usecase I created 2 profiles, one for sending and one for receiving. After fiddling a bit with pathes in both profiles, I can run both profiles and have the files synced.
      • By default, also newer files on the remote site will be overwritten. To work around this, you have to add “-u” in both profiles to the rsync command which is used.
    • pros:
      • free
      • uses established ssh/rsync protocols
    • cons:
      • takes a bit time to setup
      • keyphrase for authentication can not be passphrase protected
      • 2 profiles have to be run for the full sync
      • syncing with additional systems required additional thinking (i.e. to keep the directory synced between 3 or more systems)
  • owncloud
    • cons: heavy for my usecase, PHP
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