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  • absolute recommendations:
    • Control - great story and gameplay. had a nice discussion of the story (German, contains spoilers)
    • Outer Wilds - fantastic story and concept
    • Journey - very nice experience, 2hours long
    • Rez infinite - recommended, great electronic music
  • recommendation:
    • Horizon Zero Dawn - action, great story and graphics
    • Wipeout - classic race game
  • candidates to buy in the future:
    • Frostpunk (but I would rather play it with a mouse.. yet there is no Linux version)
    • Control: the foundation
    • Overcooked (puzzle, small)
    • Uncharted (Indiana jones style action)
    • Obduction (puzzle), hob (legend of zelda style)
    • Final Fantasy VII Remake

Does it run Linux?

The hardware should be capable of running Linux, but as of now there are no known way to run Linux on PS4 pro. :(

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