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What is it?

I used in the past, but it was shut down and I got reminded that it was a free service someone else was hosting. Then I used feedly, but it was not optimal. Tiny Tiny RSS (ttrss) seems like the best solution for me. - Tiny Tiny RSS

Which version should I use?

Until 2021, I simply used a clone of the ttrss git repo, and updated that clone every now and then. Since 2021, the official/documented way of running ttrss is via containers.

My feeds

Just a reminder, so I can restore the feeds if the database fails.

  Chaosradio             |
  Fanboys                |
  Forschergeist          |
  Mikroökonomen          |
  Mission Energiewende   |
  Retronauts             |
  Retrozirkel            |
  バイリンガルニュース       |
  ccc media feed         |
  Der Postillon          |
  Dilbert Daily Strip    | rss-bridge/?action=display&bridge=Dilbert&format=Atom
  Engadget 日本           |
  Fefes Blog             |           |
  GamingOnLinux          |
  GIGAZINE               |
  Jojos illustrierter Blog |
  Legends of Localization  |
  Pro-Linux News           |
  Red Hat Blog: Ch. Horn   |
  Spoon & Tamago           |            |
  There and back again     |
  Tiny Tiny RSS: Forum     |                 |
  世論 What Japan Think    |

What if a page does not offer a feed?

Many pages are not as social as they should be, they are not offering feeds. ttrss can directly read feeds, but for example twitter needs extra care. I use 2 solutions for it:

  • rss-bridge : The bridge collection also provides interfaces for example for .
    • pro: provides pictures directly in the generated feed
    • con: can follow only one single person at a time. So I clutter my ttrss interface with 10 rss-bridge-twitter feeds, instead of one which includes all these single persons.
    • con: although I am following these persons, they can not see that
  • twitterfeed.php from Russell Beattie It requires creation of a twitter token, but once setup, it is providing a feed of everybody I am following in twitter.
    • pro: one feed for everybody I follow in twitter. So I can just click 'follow' on, and it appears here in this feed. Also the people I follow see that I am following.
    • con: no pictures.
  • Self hosted, watches pages. link
    • not using it right now, as the RSS feed does not contain the actual change. So when I monitor a big page, I get notified 'it changed', but not hinted what.
  • rsshub Self hosted, for watching pages:
  • own scripts: The German/Japanese association in Japan offers no feed, and the page where they announce new events is small - but the contents are broken and meant for visually be read, but not parsed by a machine. I gave up trying to write an own rss-brigde bridge and now fetch with 'lynx -dump' the visual interpretation daily, and monitor for changes with 'diff'. Also feed generator ( ) looks not to bad trying to generate a feed from the page.

Can I do schema updates manually?

Normally, I just update the ttrss code via 'git pull origin', and schema updates are then recognized. For a friend, the schema update takes so long that it runs into a timeout. How to execute the schema update manually?

The single incremental schema updates are in this directory for Postgres:
$ ls -rt ttrss/schema/versions/pgsql/

So if one is already on schema 138, one can access 
the ttrss-db and then execute the code from 139.sql.
$ su - postgres
[postgres]$ psql ttrss
<code from 139.sql>

Alternatively, “php update.php –schema-update” should work.

Ttrss on Debian Buster install, docker based

apt -y install git docker-compose
cd /opt
git clone ttrss-docker
cd ttrss-docker
git checkout static-dockerhub

cp .env-dist .env
vi .env
# TTRSS_SELF_URL_PATH=http://buster:8280/tt-rss
# HTTP_PORT=8280
docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d

Then use a browser to access http://buster:8280, admin/password.

Ttrss update, docker based

# first, in the ttrss webinterface go to preferences/feeds and
# create an OPML export.  With that, you can restore your feeds
# later if something goes wrong.
cd /opt/soft/ttrss/ttrss-docker
git pull origin
docker-compose stop
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d
# login again


How can I do an automatic backup of my feeds list?

For me, I was adding feeds over years, and when postgresql updates went wrong, I was unsure which feeds I had subscribed to before. Since then I use this script which exports the current feeds from the database.

PGPASSWORD=dbpassword psql -d databasename -U dbuser \
  -h \
  -c 'select title,feed_url from ttrss_feeds order by title;' \
Automatic logout

My browser session with ttrss works just one day, then I am logged out. Configure this in config.php to extend the session:

  define('SESSION_COOKIE_LIFETIME', 8640000);
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