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Contact Christian Horn/ホルン クリスチャン

Preferred communication ways

$ gpg --fingerprint 347B904F
pub   2048R/347B904F 2011-02-04
                 指紋 = ADA6 C79C AF2E 973E 3F70  73C5 9373 49E7 347B 904F
uid                  Christian Horn <chorn@redhat.com>
uid                  Christian Horn <chorn@fluxcoil.net>
sub   2048R/BFC1E487 2011-02-04

Further communication ways


Contact regarding services hosted here

If you have complaints regarding the configured services here, for example 'https://fluxcoil.net is not usable on my device', or 'I think I received spam from fluxcoil.net', then please contact postmaster AT fluxcoil.net or chris AT fluxcoil.net.

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