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Links to my recent presentations and talks.

year title/comments
2023“Mastodon: Join the Federation!”, @Nerd Nite Tokyo, pdf, recording (2nd session)
2023“My computer history” (my now-retro computers), @session with colleagues, pdf
2023“Which BSD full fills my desktop requirements?”, @AsiaBSDcon 2023 in Tokyo, pdf
2021School, media education in corona time, online for Japanese school, pdf 1, pdf 2
2021“Similarities between former East Germany and Japan”, @company meeting, pdf English, pdf Japanese
2019“Bit rot: would you notice if your harddisk lied to you?”. @KichijojiKaigi #18, pdf
2019“Linux monitoring sensors (lmsensors)”, @PCP conference 2019 in Melbourne, pdf
2019“Things about East Germany and Christian Horn”, @Tokyo/八王子 (Hachiouji) organization, pdf
2018“VDO, the transparent deduplication/compression layer”, @Tlug Tokyo, pdf, recording
2018“Linux@Nintendo switch”, docs, recording
2014“i18n on Linux by example: Japanese”, pdf, LaTeX
2010“What's up at the virtualization/emulation front?”, Easterhegg 2010 in Munich, recording, pdf, LaTeX
2010 “Using cobbler in a not so small environment”, OpenSource Datacenter Conference, pdf, LaTeX
2009“A Sysadmins guide to Authentication and Authorization”, Kerberos/LDAP/directories, pdf, LaTeX
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