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Links to my recent presentations and talks.

Bit rot: would you notice if your harddisk lied to you?

10min talk at KichijojiKaigi #18

  • What is 'bit rot'?
  • Let's verify if our filesystems would warn you if bit rot occurs (it does not)
  • Let's use dm-integrity and verify that it helps us to detect bit rot
  • Ideas and approaches to correct bit rot, future.

Linux monitoring sensors (lmsensors)

Talk at PCP conference 2019 in Melbourne.

  • Findings from my first foray into PCP - updating the lmsensors metrics (PMDA) code.
  • The motivation for making these changes were discussed. I covered the various implementation stages, documentation, aids for new developers and ideas for further improvement.

Things about East Germany and Christian Horn

At a local association in a part of Tokyo/八王子 (Hachiouji). The association is educating locals with English, and helping foreigners in their life at Japan. My speech was in English.

VDO, the transparent deduplication/compression layer

Presented at Tokyo Linux users group in July 2018:

i18n on Linux by example: Japanese

Internationalization/Localization on Linux, taking Japanese as example. Looking into the details I am hitting with Japanese on Linux.

A Sysadmins guide to Authentication and Authorization

Whats up at the virtualization/emulation front?

  • Audience: Sysadmins, People interested in virtualization
  • contents:
    • workings/basic technology of virtualization and emulation
    • historical view over software providing these services
    • summary of causes for virtualization
  • first time presented: January 2010
  • also presented at Easterhegg 2010 in Munich, link to recording link to the slides LaTeX sources

Using cobbler in a not so small environment

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