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Software Defined Radio

  • my devices:
    • RTL-SDR Blog V4 R828D RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with Dipole Antenna, USD $39.95
    • RTL-SDR Blog SMA Straight Antenna Adapter Set, USD $14.95
  • Fedora:
    • gnuradio: allrounder software, dnf -y install gnuradio-examples gr-osmosdr rtl-sdr
    • gqrx: watching the spectrum, dnf -y install gqrx
    • SDR++ dnf install sdrpp (not outputting audio to my hdmi audio sink)
    • SDR-Angel: mostly for recording & analyzing
    • Universal Radio Hacker: mostly for recording & analyzing
    • rtl_433: mostly for recording & analyzing
  • Kali Linux
    • Convenient as kismet brings in plugins already for ADSB scanning (planes), also AMR
    • apt install rtl-433 rtl-sdr bladerf-firmware gnuradio gqrx-sdr gr-osmosdr
    • install SDR++ (built for debian sid from github)
  • DragonOS


..does not provide output to my HDMI output device. Workaround:

  • Start VLC, go to Media→Open Network Stream, check 'Show more options'
  • Enter 'TCP://' (without quotes) as network URL
  • Set Edit Options: ":demux=rawaud :rawaud-channels=1 :rawaud-samplerate=48000 :rawaud-fourcc=s16l" (without quotes)
  • Enable the TCP server in the SDR plugin, and click Play in VLC


freq comment
128.125mhz air
148.160mhz satellite com
157.595mhz, 159.740mhz, 168mhz marine
445.700mhz ham band
446.375mhz ham band
450.947-450.95mhz various/各種用途(固定・移動)・特定小電力

Japan smart meter (power) research

I have a smart meter for my flat, would be nice to get readings.

  • Device names:
    • 富士電機メーター F6DWF-TA. Transmission probably by 920mhz mesh network wireless (“920MHzメッシュ方式(無線)”), or over power line, or LTE (not likely)
    • Second device: Osaki A6WWA-TA / 4006. For storing power consumption value for 45 days?
  • potential encoding: ANSI C12.22 src
  • potential protocols of my smart meter
  • Wi-SUN(ワイ-サン) might be the protocol in use
    • standardized in: 802.15.4g/e/6LoWPAN
    • Frequency 922.5 ~ 927.9MHz, Modulation Binary GFSK
    • Channel Spacing (KHz): 200, 400, 600, Total Number of channels: 38, 18, 12
    • roles in Wi-SUN setups: ホームICT, HEMS(ヘムス/Home Energy Management System)
  • Current state:
    • I see signals with RTL-SDR, in the frequency area 922.5-927.9MHz (32cm). But trying to record it with urh( Universal Radio Hacker), no signal is detected.
    • Maybe it's not GFSK?
    • Wanted to compare with what others receive on , but these devices just go to 30Mhz.
    • Creating a baseband recording (.wav file) and then opening it in on Linux, the program terminates
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