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Things around the kindle paperwhite.

reading Japanese content on the paperwhite

Reading Japanese in traditional style, vertically from top to down, is possible. Calibre does not support this. With PDF it is possible to read Japanese vertically, but marking Kanji and looking them up in the dictionary does not work. The following procedure produces .mobi files, appropriate for reading and marking.

As input, UTF8 textfiles can be used. Or the .zip files obtained from aozora/青空, a library with free Japanese content, kind of Japanese “project gutenberg”. The following method provides these benefits:

  1. get the Aozora pub software and extract it: (here
  2. get the kindlegen software and extract it in the same directory: (here using kindlegen_linux_2.6_i386_v2_9.tar.gz onf Fedora19 64bit)
  3. start aozora: “java -jar AozoraEpub3.jar” (here OpenJDK is used, java-1.7.0-openjdk)
  4. select “.mobi” as output format
  5. now select the input file and get the .mobi file generated
    1. obtain a data file from Aozora, for example . For these, input type MS932 should be configured.
    2. or use a UTF8 textfile with your content as input

displaying vertical japanese text, method 1

Getting UTF8 txt files displayed on the paperwhite and beeing able to use the japanese→japanese dictionary:

  • Get the 「青P」(aop) software, its shareware. The previous website offering it disappeared..
  • start it using “java -jar AOP3.jar” (openjdk from Fedora19 64bit works)
  • configure input file, UTF8
  • configure the 3 fonts, i.e. “/usr/share/fonts/sazanami/mincho/sazanami-mincho.ttf” from package sazanami-mincho-fonts. Those have to be embedded in the pdf file.
  • as font sizes, configure 30, 7.5 and 10
  • in tab テキスト configure custom resolution of the paperwhite: 758×1024
  • then a PDF file can be generated
    • cons: generated PDF is not nice to read on the paperwhite
    • pros: but text can be marked and looked up in the dictionary

displaying vertical japanese text, method 2

  • This site allows to paste utf8 text and renders PDF with vertical text:
    • pros: good to read
    • cons: the paperwhite does for the generated PDF not allow to select/lookup kanji

further software

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