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My reminder for onsen and bathes in and around Tokyo.

My personal charts

  1. Maenohara Onsen/さやの湯処/
  2. 深大寺温泉 湯守の里/
  3. 宮前平源泉 湯けむりの庄 /

Northwest of Tokyo city center

  • Toshimaen Niwa-no-Yu/豊島園 庭の湯
    • 35.744115, 139.648092
    • has areas like onsen where men/women are separated, and a commonly used pool area where swimming dress has to be used
    • ca. 2800円, includes towel and bathing area visit
    • outside pools exist, with trees, recommended in autumn
    • 東京都練馬区向山3-25-1
  • Maenohara Onsen/さやの湯処
    • 35.770733, 139.692749
    • ca. 1100円, excluding towel
    • outside pools exist
    • a bit of green/nature
    • 東京都板橋区前野町3丁目41番1号
  • Sakura/東京染井温泉
    • 35.738088, 139.739997
    • Near Ikebukuro, nicely reachable via Yamanote-train line
    • Around cherry blossom time (sakura), this bath has a pool with Sakura coloured water

Northeast of Tokyo city center

  • THE SPA 西新井

North of Tokyo city center

Southwest of Tokyo city center

  • 宮前平源泉 湯けむりの庄
    • 35.586614, 139.581061
    • Kawasaki area. Quite big, much outside, much light.
    • around 1500円, including towel and Yukata
  • 湯花楽
    • 35.375835, 139.196662
    • Tanzawa area, 18min by foot from the Shibuzawa station. Not bad after being to Nabewarisan.
    • Not very big, but has a part outside. In April at 4pm, the sun was directly shining into the bath.

West of Tokyo city center

  • Keio Takao Hotsprings Gokuraku-yu / 京王高尾山温泉 極楽湯
    • 35.6323188,139.2685158,18
    • The onsen is right next to the Takaosanguchi trainstation. A long drive from Tokyo, but after climbing Takaosan very refreshing. Not huge, but nicely done with the restricted space.
  • THE SPA Seijo
    • 35.656565, 139.615746
    • Just a small part outside, this sento is at the 2nd level of a building. Not much green, not big. 1080円 for 1 hour (you bring your towel), 1700円 for 5 hours including towel set. Special rates on some days, I payed ~1200円 for the 5 hours ticket.
  • 深大寺温泉 湯守の里
    • 35.666059, 139.548749
    • On weekend, an adult pays including towel 1200円, without time limit.
    • This onsen is not big, but one of the nicest ones I have seen. Much nature, looks nicely old. A recommendation!
    • 1 hour by bike from Shimokitazawa.
  • Yukemurinosato Onsen/仙川湯けむりの里
    • 35.657933, 139.588478
    • 850円 per adult without towel.
    • Not big, but half of it is outside. 45min by bike from Shimokitazawa
  • Ryusenji-no-yu Hachioji Minamino/竜泉寺の湯 八王子みなみ野店
  • Tokinoirodori Natural Hot Spring Inagi/稲城天然温泉 季乃彩
    • 35.645634, 139.490236
    • Quite big, also an outside area. The restaurant is also good, besides many other things they have black soba.
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