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What is this?

Just a collection of things around running/jogging in Tokyo.

  • 荒川/Aragawa is nearby, one can run along the river very nicely: few cars, no stopping because of traffic lights. No light in the evening/night.
  • The way is asphalt, but often one can use the grass along the way.
  • Afterwards a visit in a nearby onsen is great.
  • overall rating: 5/5
  • Shimokitazawa has just smaller parks in direct vicinity, just good for 30min of jogging.
  • option 1:
    • one can run until Suginami Kuritsu Seibiyogo School/杉並区立済美養護学校, use a phone and google maps/yahoo transit as guidance. This first part is just to get to the actual jogging place, takes 25min when running (50min when walking) and is along big roads → not very nice.
    • actual jogging: along the Zenpukuji River, heading west. Some traffic lights, and the way is stone/asphalt mostly, not very nice.
    • overall rating: 2/5 (all plain roads would be worse)
  • option 2: 代々木公園/yoyogi kouen
  • option 3: 玉川/Tamagawa
  • option 4: 皇居/koukyo/around the emperors palace
  • option 5: 神田川/Kanda river
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