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When brainstorming about new destinations for biking, I had the idea of

  • going to all Tokyo Metro train stations and subway stations
  • going there not by car or train, but by bike
  • and then taking a picture of the train station, or one of the entrances

The big Metro lines started like this: there was a department store, and the line got constructed so people could get to the store. Eventually you end up with a nice meshnet of tracks. In October 2019, I cycled 30km to Nishi-funabashi in Chiba, and started with the Tozai line. Lets see how many lines I can finish, and how long it will take.

At the beginning of 2020, the project got a push as cycling is among the few activities which are allowed in the Cronoa time of “self restriction” in Japan (this is what we did instead of a lockdown), and cycling is even socially acceptable without mask.

line stations
countertodo done
Metro: Ginza Line/銀座線 19 - G01-G19
Metro: Marunouchi Line/丸ノ内線 25 - M01-M25
Metro: Marunouchi Branch/丸ノ内線分岐線4 - Mb03-Mb06
Metro: Hibiya Line/日比谷線 22 - H1-H22
Metro: Tōzai Line/東西線 23 - T1-T23
Metro: Chiyoda Line/千代田線 20 - C1-C20
Metro: Yūrakuchō Line/有楽町線 24 - Y1-Y24
Metro: Hanzōmon Line/半蔵門線 14 - Z1-Z14
Metro: Namboku Line/南北線 19 - N1-N19
Metro: Fukutoshin Line/副都心線 16 - F1-F16
Subway: Asakusa Line 20 - A1-A20
Subway: Mita Line 27 - I1-I27
Subway: Shinjuku Line/新宿線 21 S3 S1,S2,S4-S21
Subway: Oedo Line 38 10-12,15,17-19,21,2627-38
date lines done(%)stations done(%)
2019-10-200/14 14/285(4%)
2019-11-041/14(7%) 41/285(14%)
2020-05-032/14(14%) 68/285(24%)
2020-05-173/14(21%) 115/285(40%)
2020-06-244/14(28%) 121/285(42%)
2020-08-227/14(50%) 171/285(60%)
2020-08-297/14(50%) 186/285(65%)
2020-10-319/14(64%) 208/285(73%)
2020-12-309/14(64%) 228/285(80%)
2021-05-2211/14(78%) 242/285(85%)
2021-07-1112/14(85%) 254/285(89%)
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