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While not strictly language related.. which gestures are original and different from Germany?

  • pointing with the pointer finger to ones nose
    • meaning: reference to one self
    • German gesture: pointing to own breast
  • arm stretched and reaching forward, hand being flat, hand flapping up and down
    • meaning: come here
    • German gesture: moving hand and arm, as if one would “invite”, or wanted to move fresh air onto own direction
  • one hand flat and in one line with arm, hand is in front of the own face, hand/arm being rotated back and forth around elbow
    • meaning: no, as is “I have not yet tried this” or “that's not the case”
    • German: rotating head/face facing left/right/left and so on
  • both hands flat and in one line with arm, both crossed in front of the own face
    • meaning: finish, closing, for example: “I want to pay and leave the restaurant”
  • (none in Japan?)
    • German: both pointer fingers crossed, forming a 'plus', the finger ontop moving to the other fingers fingertip
    • typical accompanying sounds: ätschebätsch, nänänä
    • meaning: a kind of Schadenfreude
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