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Learning Japanese

First thing is learning Hiragana/Katakana and to speak. In my opinion done in the best way with a plain traditional coure, in Munich Tanimura-先生 does this great. Correct spelling and writing cannot be learned from websites/applications yet. But web- and local applications are great to support the learning.

Sites helping to learn and understand

Translation help

Japanese content:text

japanese content:audio & video

Practical Japanese/lessons

  • – Skype based lessons, one teacher per student. Doing 1 hour per week.
  • – write text, like diary entries, and get them corrected by natives. You also get to correct the texts from others.
  • – italki is a more generic place to find online language teachers, more languages offered
  • – preply is a platform bringing tutors and students for various languages together, for money
  • – community meetings in Tokyo for learning. I wnet to such a group for 3 years.
  • read books, watch tv
  • tandemlearning via Skype, teaching mother language and learning Japanese in exchange
  • lang-8,, memrise, bilingual news

My current strategy

  • learning new vocabulary: , memrise
  • lessons - 1:1 lessons with teacher via skype, 2000円/40min lesson
  • Skype sessions 1:1 with tandem partners, free, one half for helping the other partner + one half where I decide on best usage to learn Japanese
  • writing Japanese texts (i.e. about current topics, politics, culture) and get them corrected. So far on site lang-8, but that is closed now.
  • read business mails, lookup unknown vocabulary
  • follow technical news in Japanese (, etc.)
  • listen to バイリンガルニュース podcast ( ), when commuting
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