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This is for notes about literature pieces related to Japanese which I read. I often remember a story but not the name/author, so this here is to keep track of the most interesting things I did read.

title author quote/source comments
雨ニモマケズ宮沢賢治 read 2014, very hard to read
第三夜 夏目漱石 audio first read 2013, excellent story and ending
坊ちゃん 夏目漱石 読中
銀河鉄道の夜宮沢賢治 first read 2015, hard to read
温かいスープ今道友信 - first read 2015, hard to read

An other example of a fantastic piece, something expressed in Japanese which I am not sure can be properly expressed in German or English, from a tweet:

こども遊園地のお化け屋敷、ビビった娘が「やさしいオバケでおねがいします…」って受付の人に言ってて、結果、 お化け「おどかしても、いいかな…?」 娘「いいよ…」 化「……わっ」 娘「ひっ」 化「どう?」 娘「だいじょうぶ…」 私「なんだこれ」

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