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現実の世と同じ、いい所も、悪い所もありますね。 大抵優しい所といえる例はlang-8です。ここの雰囲気は素晴らしいです。色々な人は自分の名前を発表して遣り取っています。他の人はニックネームを使っています。



僕はコンピューターの関係の仕事をしています。 一緒にソフトを作っている人が大勢います。世界中、協力して、ソフトなどについて議論をします。実は、あんなに沢山議論をしれいるから、特別な話かたも開発しました。そこでは皆はいつでも直接意見をいいます。酷い言葉も多いし、褒める言葉もあります。そこでの評価は大切だから必ず自分の名前を使っています。




もちろん、団体は自らの全部のデータを集めて使っている場合には、酷い事が起きます。そうできると、必ずいつか団体がそれをすると思っています。 その将来について今度書きます。

English:anonymity, internet and the future

On the internet, there are several kind of places.

Like in the real world, there are good and not so good places. A “mostly friendly” place is lang-8. Here is a good atmosphere. Several people use their own name. Others use a nickname.

Do all here know website “4chan”? Almost completely nicknames are used there. Sometimes there are things colliding with the law, so nicknames are used. Noone seems to have any constraints wo utter what he thinks.

Then there is facebook. For my feeling, half of the people use a nickname. In doing that, the own “facebook page” can be found easily by friends. But this can also allow the boss to see ones not so appropriate pictures..

I work in the computer area. There are many people who work together to write software. All over the world distributed, they work together and exchange arguments how to write the software. Actually, they exchange so many arguments that an own discussion culture has developed. With this, all are extremely directly and to the point, but the discussions can also seem very rude to outsiders. Reputation is here also important, everybody uses his own name on these mailinglists.

The differences between these 4 worlds are extremely big, arent they?

I am mostly publishing many informations about myself. In doing that, others might more have an idea of “there is actually a living person sitting in front of the screen”.

Yet I fully understand people not doing that.

Ofcourse, when organizations start collecting really all data about a person, really scary things happen. When they technically can, organizations also will do that. Maybe I write an other time about what is already happening (what we know) and what one can imagine what will soon be possible.

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