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さっきの話はずっと過去形でしたよね。 僕は二年前に、ある平日に東京の事務室で働いていました。日本の晩だったし、仕事時間はもう終わっていました。ヨーロッパの上司がインターネットで「もうすぐチームの電話会議をしよう」と発表しました。その会議で、「同僚のレイさんは今は先週から休みですよね」と言いました。「彼は最近、ちょっと仕事で休みを欲しがっている」って。「週末には、寝るに行って、亡くなったそうです。心臓がちょっと弱かったはずです。」と発表しました。



English: My coworker Ray

When I started my current work, I was first going to Farnborough in UK. At that time, most of my coworkers were there.

Then I learned the basics of my work. In a phone conference with the whole team participating, I met Ray for the first time. He spoke constantly with a calmed down voice, I thought.

Actually, Ray was one of the most capable coworkers. He was just great at explaining technology or procedures.

In person I met Ray for the first time in Brno, Czech Republic. In 2011 we had a big meeting there with European teammates.

I met Ray again in Stuttgart for a training. We stayed in the same hotel. For one week we ate together, discussed, commuted to the training. We both loved Science Fiction books. I remember very well a certain mornings topic. It was about the “Matrix” topic. Probably commonly known, according to that idea everybody is living in an imaginary world. I was referring to the Polish Stanislav Lem who had written about the same idea, and Ray came up with several even older references.

So far this was all in past tense. 2 years ago, on a weekday, I was working in the Tokyo office. In Japan it was evening, my worktime was already over. The European boss announced a phone conference to the team, via internet. In that conference he said “You know that Ray is currently on vacation, right? He said that he recently feels like in a need of a bit holiday. Last weekend he was going to bed and never got up again.”

Ray, no idea in what state you are now, but thanks a lot for various things. (Wow, this is so much better to say in Japanese. Can someone properly translate the Japanese back to English?)

Sorry for the slightly sad text, just something going around in my mind lately. Thanks for reading.

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