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違う文化を体験する時は、朝鮮も現れるでしょう。人々の考えたやアイディアはあんなに違うから、怖いかもしれません。 僕は昔、東ドイツから南ドイツに引っ越した時、その様な発見をしました。それより、ドイツと日本の違いはそんなに大きくないかも知れません。





僕は壁が消えた時、12才でした。だから社会的に本当に影響が強い事だけ体験しました。貧富の格差は、今の南ドイツより、低かったと思います。普通の国民は大抵同じレベルで金持ちでした。今の南ドイツの格差はかなり大きいです。そのため、東ドイツの人々はお互いにあまり迷惑をかけませんでした。時々、食べたい物がなかったけれど、食物も十分ありました。 そのため、南ドイツの人は東ドイツ人よりちょっと焼け持ちでしたかもしれません。



English: Cultural differences

Moving to a different culture can be challenging at times.. the extent of differences in peoples mindset, different ideas and so on is scary. Ofcourse, this is relating to when I moved from Thuringia/East Germany to Bavaria. The Germany/Japan differences might turn out to be small, compared to that. :)

The things above I wrote this week, a bit jokingly. A friend asked for details when reading it, which made me thinking.

These differences between East and South germany are vanishing, I think. The differences I experience are mostly in the different political systems, which formed both areas differently over a long time.

In East germany, there was a “right” to have work. Nowadays, one is in fear of losing work. Without that, East german live had a factor of security. With that knowledge you could easier decide to buy a house, and be able to pay it back. I quit my job, 5 years ago. My grandparents lived their whole live in the Eastgerman system. So when I told them about my plans, the concept of quitting work was not easy to understand for them.

Southgerman people experienced a completely different childhood, different characters on TV. The group of commonly known characters between us is small, for example “Lolek and Bolek”, originally from Poland. Eastgerman characters also came from Russia, like “Mischka the bear”.

I was 12 when the wall was falling. So I experienced/remember only the really strong things with influence to society and live. I think the gap between rich and poor was smaller. Normal people earned more or less amounts of money in the same range, todays ranges are really huge, especially in wealthy areas like south germany. The lower range did lead to less envy than today, more friendly dealing with each other. Yes, one could sometimes not buy the things one right then would have loved to eat - but there was enough food.

In east germany, schools and work, everything started at 7am. In south germany, that is rather 9am.

Actually, no really big differences came to mind - but there are quite some small ones.

  • 2016年3月4日
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