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父はご飯かけるためのスパイスで茶を入れました。 次のメールによると、そのスパイスはジャガイモもにあっています。


English: a special kind of tea

Last month I went to Germany. My father was hospitalized, so I went to visit him. I did not meet him in person, he was receiving a treatment. So I placed a bag with some Japanese things on the table and left.

He is better now and left the hospital. The other day, he reported something interesting.

“So about the violet powder from that bag.. what is the meaning? I did put it into hot water, but this tea has no taste at all!”

So, dad had made tea from spice which is meant to be put onto rice. In the next mail he did let me know that the spice is also very tasty with potato.

  • 2016年8月11日
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