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Benchmark results

raspberry pi 4Nintendo switch Thinkpad L480 percentages
ram 2GB 4GB 8GB
price 50€ 300€ 950€
distro raspbian Fedora 30 Fedora 30
kernel 4.19.58-v7l+ 4.9.109+ (L4T kernel)5.2.5-200.fc30
cpu ARM Cortex-A72ARM Cortex-A57 Intel i5-8250U
cpu frequency 500-1500Mhz 200-2000Mhz 400-3400Mhz
sbc memcopy 2470.8 MB/s 2503.6 MB/s 7274.4 MB/s 34/34/100
sbc memset 3330.4 MB/s 3573.5 MB/s 16014.3 MB/s 21/22/100
7-zip score 5728 6170 11330 51/54/100
openssl aes-128-cbc 16b 62533k 347783k 776987k 8/45/100
openssl aes-128-cbc 16kb85235k 912414k 1263839k 7/72/100
openssl aes-256-cbc 16kb64918k 642777k 913708k 7/70/100
sudo /bin/bash ./ -c

Benchmarking future ideas

  • power: need a usb-c power meter for that
    • then compute how much electrical power is required for certain operations.
  • GPU:
    • would be especially interesting to also compare various 3D driver implementations. For example, 3D benchmarks running on horizon (Nintendos OS) and also on Linux/switch.
    • It's hard to only measure the GPU. It's also a question of how good the 3D drivers are.
    • Benchmarks should include retro game emulation. Simply because it's a common use case for pi4 and switch/Linux. bsnes and snes9x?
      • free snes rom?
    • geekbench
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