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Tokyo, hiking daytrips

丹沢山系/Tanzawa mountains

大山(Mount Ouyama, 神奈川県)

箱根地域/Hakone area

  • visited: 20190816
  • start at the Saijoji Parking Lot, Daiyucho, Minamiashigara, Kanagawa 250-0127. Planning with google maps works, for me it meant to take the train and then 2 buses. (2h30m from home for me)
  • right at the start, there is a nice Buddhist temple area
  • then go to Myoujingatake top, might take 2 or 3 hours, if you do not come off the path as I did
  • no stores at the top, but depending on weather nice views
  • then way back on the other side of the mountain to bus station 箱根登山バス 宮城野営業所, takes 150min
  • then via bus and train back to Tokyo, took 2h30m for me
  • The mountain is ok, but hard to reach for me. For example 鍋割山 in the vicinity is much better to reach and has also nice views.

奥多摩/Okutama area

御嶽山/(Mnt. Mitake)/大岳山(Odake)
大塚山/御岳山/大岳山 trip
  • from Tokyo go to 古里駅(こりえき) station
  • course: 古里駅(こりえき) 7:30 → 9:00 大塚山(おおつかやま) → 10:00 御岳山(みたけさん) → 11:00 鍋割山(なべわりやま) → 12:00 大岳山(おおたけさん) 13:00 → 鋸山(のこぎりやま) or 海沢探勝路(うなざわたんかつろ) → 16:00 もえぎの湯 → 17:30 奥多摩駅(おくたまえき)
  • Near to the last train station, Okutama, there are ~4 Onsen, just right after such a day.
  • from Tokyo, go to Oku-tama-station (奥多摩駅/おくたまえき). Quite far, might take 2 hours.
  • drive with the bus 西東京バス into direction 奥多摩湖方面, get off after ~10 minutes at 境橋 station
  • The bus station is directly on a bridge, 35.797969, 139.078265. From the train station, the way to 御前山(ごぜんやま)starts. Bus schedule: . Google maps also has the bus plans.
  • climbing up takes around 2hours

West of Tokyo

  • take train to Takaosanguchi(高尾山口), 60min from Shinjuku
  • then ropeway, or lift, or climb to Takao-san. Takao-san is not very challenging, but a nice start, and along the way there are temples and shrines. When at the top of Takao-san, one can also decide to go further: to one, two or even 3 mountains nearby. See Jinbasan notes.
  • There is a nice bath inside the Takaosan-guchi-trainstation.
Jinbasan/陣馬山 white horse

North of Tokyo

  • take train to Tsukuba trainstation(つくば駅), 60min from Tokyo
  • then enter the shuttle bus (筑波山シャトルバス) to 筑波山神社入口(Tsukubasanjinjairiguchi), takes 36min
  • then either climb up (90min) or take the cablecar (5min)
  • from there you can eat, and visit both mountains (takes 15min to each), or walk other routes
  • When going down again via cablecar or by foot, there are several Onsen. 3 are part of hotels and only open for non-hotel-guests until 3pm. A small onsen exists and is free for normal customers, also after 3pm.

area south-east of Mnt.Fuji

  • Hakone
  • 金時山(きんときやま)/Mount Ashigara/Mount Kintoki
    • great view of Mt.Fuji
    • Tokyo→Gotemba-station (2:15h), bus to Otome Toge bus stop, 120min until Mount Kintoki
    • OR Tokyo→Ashigara station, 90min walk to Ashigara Pass (足柄峠/Ashigara-tōge), then 90 minutes walk to Mount Ashigara
    • 忍野八海
      • from Tokyo train to 富士山駅, from there walk 90min to 忍野八海, or bus. The train is crowded on weekend, if possible reserve a seat.
      • If walking from 富士山駅, one can stop by at the “Fujisansaku Park”, it's on the way and nice. Navigation with Google maps worked nicely for walking directions.
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